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Hanging Oil Lamp

This oil lamp is made of brass and hangs from three chains which take the form of twisted ribbons, each interspersed by a round knop.  The lamp itself is a hollow bulbous container, with a wide opening at the center and terminates in a knop finial.  The chains attach to the lamp by means of stylised busts, which project outwards from the body of the lamp like figureheads, surmounted by a very rudimentary head to which the chain is then attached, probably in imitation of the more refined cherub motif attachments usually found on ecclesiastical silver lamps.

The following inscription is engraved on the body of the lamp:

Frater Wolfangus Philippus Sac.

Dom:i Imp: y? L: B:o P:  et a Guttenberg Mag:s

Baiul.s Bran:is p(or S):i  I(or J): C (or E): H: anno reparata

Salutis: 1724:                  

Bailiff Philip Wolfgang von Guttenberg was an important member of the Order and contributed to several landmarks in Malta. He is particularly remembered for the patronage he extended to the Church of St Francis in Rabat, Malta.
This lamp is currently in the reserve collection, but another one of very similar shape can be seen in the Chapel.







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