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Brisé Fan

Brisé fans are a type of folding fan with overlapping decorative sticks, held together by a cord or ribbon threaded through them.  This type of fan, which appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century, also seems to have originated in Japan.  Some brisé fans were made in China for the European market, and exported through the East India Company. 
The featured fan depicts a feast with dancing, and has all the characteristics of the Vernis Martin type, which is today popularly known as such because of the transparent varnish applied to the sticks.  This fan is divided into two fields, and the lower part as well as the guard sticks, are decorated with Chinoiserie figure types.  The binding ribbon of the Vernis Martin fan can be found at the top, and was painted over to blend into the overall decoration.   These fans were produced from around the mid-17th to the early 18th century in France, England and Holland, and were popular again around 1900, when pastiches of the original ones were made.

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