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Sicilian glazed clay globular whistle

A Palazzo Falson Exhibition

30th April - 21st June 2009


The first in a series of small, but highly focused temporary exhibitions about particular themes, is being put up at Palazzo Falson between the 30th April and the 21st of June, 2009. The exhibition which is about whistles, brings together more than 150 whistles loaned from Maltese private and Museum collections, ranging from antique Maltese whistles to bird calls, in a huge variety of materials, shapes and sounds. The historic, folkloric and musical significance of these sound-making instruments will be highlighted.

An audio visual display within the exhibition hall permits the viewer to actually hear some of the whistles on display. 

You can read an illustrated essay on whistles, authored by guest curator Anna Borg Cardona, by following this link

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated, full colour, 32 page brochure, which includes a complete list of the whistles on display throughout the exhibition. 

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

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