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Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum is putting on a temporary exhibition dedicated to smoking pipes. Following on from last year's exhibition dedicated to Whistles, this year's exhibition once again visits a little known area of the decorative arts to explore the surprising variety and rich history of pipes. Over 160 pipes, mostly drawn from private collections are on display. Ranging from the common briar wood pipe to the more esoteric opium pipes and pipes used in rituals, this exhibition provides a colourful overview of pipes and pipe smoking from around the world. 

The exhibition will be on from the 21st October, 2010 until the 12th December 2010 (10am till last visit at 4pm). Gallery talks led by the exhibition curator and entrance to the exhibition will be free of charge. An illustrated exhibition catalogue will accompany the exhibition. 

A study which touches on the history of the pipe around the world, and more particularly in Malta can be viewed by following this link: http://console.snapadministration.com/common/file_provider.aspx?id=634230223084032500

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