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Intern Testimonies

Pauline, France, 2018 “I could not have asked for a better first work experience than the one I got here at Palazzo Falson. I am beyond grateful to Caroline Tonna, Curator and the museum hosts who patiently showed me how to care for the museum. Most importantly, this internship provided me with confirmation that this was the direction I would like my studies and even my future career to take!”

Stefania, Sicily, 2018 “Working at Palazzo Falson has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about Maltese culture, history and art.”

Denise, Italy, 2018 “I liked the feeling that I belonged to a family. Everyone was very cordial and united together. Although there were some cultural differences with me being Italian, I never felt isolated or excluded from the group. I liked the fact that there is a homely-feel to the museum, not just a work place, because many people have lived here in the past. I felt at home and never lonely.”

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