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The Mission of Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum is:

  • To keep together and display the collection amassed by Captain Olof Gollcher in an appropriate museum environment, while maintaining the character of a historic home;
  • To use the collection and the building as a means to educate and to transmit the enjoyment of culture to all who visit, as well as to provide an unparalleled visitor experience;
  • To use the museum as a showcase of Maltese and foreign decorative and fine arts;
  • To preserve the fabric of the house in a way that is befitting of an important architectural monument;
  • To develop programs to engage and educate young students about the diversity, value and enjoyment of art;
  • To disseminate knowledge about the history of the house and the collections;
  • To record and celebrate the life and achievements of Captain Olof Gollcher;
  • To involve people, to encourage a sense of ownership and to provoke curiosity about art and history;
  • To stimulate further academic research on the history of the building and the collections;
  • To provide a model of how a private collection can be kept together for posterity, through conservation, studies, publications, and sharing with the public in a viable and professional manner.
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