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The museum can be opened beyond normal opening hours exclusively for group tours conducted by the Museum’s specially trained museum hosts.  These tours last up to one hour.
Different areas in the Palazzo can also be hired as an exclusive venue for dinners and other gatherings in the evening on any day of the week.  The entrance hall and the refectory with its beautiful vaulted ceiling and display cabinets containing kitchenalia antiques, are both suitable spaces for entertaining.  Both these areas give out on to the pleasant and atmospheric courtyard, where guests can admire the subtly lit, centuries-old, walls of the house to the sound of water gently cascading from the fountain which adorns this courtyard. 
Before the commencement of the dinner party or any other catered event, tours of the Palazzo can also be enjoyed by the guests.  The various rooms of the Palazzo offer a wealth of objects to behold, such as the Strong Room, with its notable collection of Maltese, British and Continental silver, or the Small Collections Room which contains jewellery, fob watches, balsamini and other trinkets, and some family heirlooms.  The sumptuous Dining Room is a veritable feast to the eyes, with its table beautifully laid out for a feast, and the portraits of distinguished ancestors that look down from the walls.

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