Teachers' Corner
Kids' drawings

Kids, you’ll love Palazzo Falson ! Have you ever wondered what Aladdin’s cave really looked like? Imagine putting Aladdin’s cave inside an ancient nobleman’s house in the middle of Mdina and you’ll start to get an idea of what Palazzo Falson looks like. How about spending your visit looking for colorful, squiggly designs on the Oriental carpets and then gazing at the paintings and writing stories about them?

Follow our treasure hunt ! When you visit Palazzo Falson, remember to pick up our Activity book illustrated by Marisa Attard. Bring a pencil and clip board with you because you will be asked to answer some questions and draw pictures while you are on your quest. 

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Please tell your teacher that you can visit as a schoolgroup. Ask your teacher to contact us and we’ll explain all about how to visit.

We love to get your feedback.  After your visit, contact us and tell us what you liked best about Palazzo Falson!  Drop us a line, send us a drawing......maybe even write a story set at the Palazzo.

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