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The Prep VI students at Stella Maris school, Balzan visited Palazzo Falson on the 11th June 2007, and this is what they said:

  • Il-Palazz huwa interessanti hafna. Jiena nahseb li hu wiehed mil-isbah Palazzi f’Malta. Grazzi hafna talli taghtuni l-oportunita li nara dan il-palazz-  Daniele Cini
  • This outing was very valuable for me. It was one of the best outings in year 6! Thank you for making this outing interesting.  I hope that some time or other I’ll come and visit this Palace again – Ian Zammit
  • The outing was very nice and interesting. The guides explained the tour very well and clearly. I think this outing served me greatly because I learned a lot – Steven Camilleri
  • It was a very interesting outing and there was a lot to see. This was one of the most interesting outings in my life – James Pecorella
  • Dan il-Palazz huwa wiehed mill-isbah palazzi li hemm fl-Imdina kollha. Nirringrazzjakhom hafna talli dawartuna mal-palazz tal- Kaptan Gollcher – Gianluca Simiana
  • L-iktar haga li ghogbitni kien l-arlogg ta’ ghaxar sighat ghax fid-dinja hemm wiehed biss iehor bhalu – Zach Cassar
  • Hadd gost nismaghhom ghax kien interessanti hafna. Fil-Palazz kien hemm ukoll twapet b’disinji sbieh u hadd gost hafna nara il- pitturi – Robert Muscat
  • The outing was very interesting and my favorite part was all of Captain Golcher’s collections - Matthias Attard
  • Over all it was a very interesting visit and I learnt a lot of things and I hope that other children will go to for I am sure that they will learn a lot – Jake Camilleri
  • There were a lot of priceless items at Palazzo Falson. I especially like the Nef, which was a boat, made of silver with wheels. It would be put on a dining table in front of the host and important people. I like the ghost stories too. – Shaun Markham
  • The thing I liked most is the watch which has only ten hours. The guides were perfect and they told us everything that was important. I think this was one of our best outings – Trevor Tonna
  • This visit was the most wonderful outing. I like the palace a lot and for me the best room was that which contained the silver treasures. I will surely remember this palace after learning a lot of things – Alberto Cassar
  • We enjoyed our visit to this beautiful Palaqzzo Falson.  It is full of interesting antique furniture and a beautiful silver collection.  We loved everything about it.  -  Wayne P. Xuereb 
  • Palazzo Falson is a very beautiful and spacious old building.  The guide took us round the palace explaining its history.  She also was very helpful in answering our questions.  I enjoyed myself on this cultural tour.  At the end of the visit we were given a small gift.  Thank you all – Joseph Mercieca
  • I think that Palazzo Falson is a very beautiful and historical place and the Maltese people should be very proud of it, especially about the rare objects such as a ten hour clock invented in France since there are only four of these clocks around the world!  I couldn’t believe that there were 4,500 books in the library and wondered if Olaf Gollcher read them all! - Kevin Theuma
  • Palazzo Falson was a wonderful experience.  I am going to persuade my parents to take me once again!  Ryan Busuttil
  • Din il-mawra f’Palazzo Falson kienet interessanti hafna izda l-aktar kamra li impressjonatni kienet il-librerija ghax m’ghandix dubju li Olaf Gollcher kien jghaddi hafna hin fiha jaqra – Justin Bezzina

Other general remarks from students:

  • Lockers very convenient
  • Booklet very interesting – full of information, very well explained, very useful – first class for our age.
  • Rooms very interesting – the refurbishment is great and of very high standard
  • Some boys suggested covering carpets with transparent plastic for better preservation and to prevent people from damaging them
  • Anecdote of ghost of priest fascinated most boys
  • Back at school boys remembered that they saw no bathroom!
     So where …………………?
  • Trap door to cellar in kitchen would be lovely should one have the possibility to look down.
  • Keychain was very much appreciated.

Finally a last feed back from teachers:

  • Well done to ‘Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti’ for restoring this jewel of a place.  It is a truly magnificent museum.  Both children and teachers enjoyed it tremendously.  We’re proud of our heritage! - Prep VI Teachers

Teachers from Carlo Diacono Junior Lyceum Zejtun:

  • With reference to the school visit held on the 16th July, hereunder please find our group's feedback.
    First of all we'd like to point out that the visit on the whole was extremely interesting and intriguing.  Of particular interest to some students was the library, with the amount of books on display as well as their availability to the public.  The variety of items on exhibit such as the paintings, furniture, the 10 hour watch, as well as the mention of a lady ghost were amongst the mostly appreciated objects/stories by the students.  They were also very happy with the project book and souvenir they were given.  It might please you to note that we will be using the booklet to help us during the Quizz we will be holding as a concluding session to our Summer Club.
    Additionally, a very special thank you to you and your team for your courtesy and the excellent service you provided - and are providing to the Maltese public.


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