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Who was Captain Gollcher?

Captain Gollcher was born in 1889. He was an important man who received many honours. He took part in the two World Wars and luckily survived both. The Captain bought part of the Palazzo in 1927 and the remainder in 1938 and lived very happily with his wife over here. He would entertain his friends here and show them all the art collections he managed to acquire. All Captain Gollcher’s friends called him ‘Olly’. He loved animals, particularly his black dog Bogey, and loved to travel abroad seeing museums and art all over Europe and beyond, and eating all sorts of great meals.  When he was young he was an art student, and he continued painting for the rest of his life, and even made models of ships.

Be an artist like Captain Gollcher: Print out these cartoons of Olly and his faithful dog Bogey and colour them in. You can copy them, paste them onto cards, enlarge them, collage them……….do anything at all with them. We’d like to see what you’ve created so please do send us a digital pic of your finished artwork !!!


 Illustrations by Marisa Attard.

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