The Collection

Capt. Gollcher’s passion for collecting is evidenced through the variety of artefacts that he bequeathed, and which have been divided into 45 distinct collections, including:

There are a number of 17th century paintings in this collection, including one by Mattia Preti, and others attributed to David Teniers the Younger, Nicolas Poussin and Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

The silver collection includes more than 800 items, and includes some noteworthy and significant pieces of Maltese, Continental and British silver, most of which are displayed in the Strongroom.

Capt. Gollcher’s interest in weaponry is evident through the extensive collection on display in the Armoury, the walls of which are hung with an interesting array of swords, polearms, pistols and guns.

The library at the Palazzo boasts over 4,500 books consisting mainly of historical titles and renowned literary works in various languages.  Some highly valuable manuscripts can also be found in this collection.

There are 27 fob watches in this collection, including a Dutch early 18th century fob watch, and one of the few extant examples of the Robet Robin fob watch with the 10-hour dial, which reflects French Revolutionary time.

The jewellery collection is made up of more than 160 objects, including some family pieces, such as Capt. Gollcher’s mother’s favourite brooch.

More than 80 Oriental rugs make up this collection, hailing from different areas such as Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, most of which are displayed in the Carpet Gallery.

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