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Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum is continuing with its series of art workshops ! This time we're focusing on digital photography. Most of us are excited about good photos but never seem to be able to shoot them.  Join us on this adventure where Gege Gatt will guide us through a 2-session workshop on photography.

Gege Gatt has many callings - he's a lawyer by profession, co-founder of leading web-application-development firm "ICON", ICT-recruitment firm MUOVO and a keen sportsman. But, he has only one true vocation: photography.  Having just turned 30, his photography seems to ooze decades of experience behind the lens. But the way Gege captures an instance and sees stories in the everyday around us comes from his ever youthful instinct and inquisitive eye.

He is a Getty Images contributor, a leader of the local FLICKRISTI group and a member of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography. Gege has exhibited in Nanjing (China), Lavandou (France) as well as several local exhibitions across Malta and Gozo. He has co-authored and contributed to a photographic book on Seascapes published by Midsea Books in 2009 and was commissioned to shoot an album cover for Transtechnia Records in Santiago, Chile. Online, his photos have been published by the BBC, Malta-Inside-Out, Canon (Germany), International Music Network and several other online galleries.


The course is geared towards beginners with a DSLR camera who aspire to take better pictures.
Here's what we'll learn:

  • Camera gear & Optics. How to select the right gear.
  • How to use your Camera. Grip & Posture.
  • Understanding Light and ISO ratings.
  • Get off AUTO mode - Understanding Shutter Speed & Exposure
  • Depth of Field & Bokeh.
  • Framing and composing pictures.
  • Portrait Photography.
  • Learning from the masters: Henri Cartier-Bresson.
  • What makes a photo, art?
  • Basics of Editing & Photoshop.
  • Evaluation of your work.
  • FLICKR & other online learning resources.

The workshop is intended to be hands-on so you're invited to bring your camera, (fully charged !!) laptops and loads of questions. We'll also try our hands at portrait photography while our tutor will assist in perfecting our skills. Online resources (such as FLICKR and FACEBOOK) will then be used as a scrapbook of our work.

DATE Thursday 26th August and Friday 27th August from 13.30-17.30hrs
VENUE The Palazzo Falson roof-top studio & surroundings
PRICE €30 *
HOW TO BOOK To register your place on the course please send your name and contact details (email address, home address and mobile number) together with a cheque for the course fee, payable to Patrimonju Museum Operators Ltd, to the following:

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum (Photography course), Villegaignon StreetMdina

FACEBOOK We're keen to have you in our network of friends. When you subscribe do add our tutor, Gege Gatt, as well as Palazzo Falson to your facebook profile. We'll use this as a communication channel during and after the sessions.
QUESTIONS? If you have any further questions about this course just click here to contact us.


DOWNLOAD the full course information here !

Web application development company ICON are kindly sponsoring this course.

* Payments must be received in full before the commencement of the course. Organisers will, subject to Museum requirements, endeavor to keep to the times and dates stated. In exceptional circumstances a session might have to be re-scheduled to the earliest time and date possible, or an alternative location in Mdina will be provided. Participation fee is non-refundable. Kindly note that the location of the sessions is up two flights of stairs and is not wheelchair accessible.



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