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Commemoration of Olof Frederick Gollcher (1889-1962) on the 50th Anniversary of his death

Synopsis of Talks:

Cecilia Xuereb: Olof Frederick Gollcher: his personal archives

Olof Gollcher was a great collector and in the same way as he collected valuables he tried to keep every scrap of paper that he received as well as copies of letters that he wrote and notes that he made during his numerous trips abroad and as part of his interests in a variety of subjects.  Stacked in the offices of Palazzo Falson are 40 boxes full of his personal papers.  These must contain over 10000 documents that reveal a more intimate and personal side of this very interesting man. These reveal his varied interests, his numerous friends and acquaintances, both in Malta and abroad, and the high esteem in which he was held by them as well as important landmarks of his life.   Having gone through about half of this material there are still several lacunae that hopefully will be filled as the work progresses.

Prof George Camilleri: Olof Frederick Gollcher and organised underwater archaeology in Malta

In the last two years of his life Gollcher played an important role in the participation by Maltese divers in organised underwater archaeological activities . His contact with Pier Nicola Gargallo helped in establishing the International Institute of Mediterranean Archaeology, which had a part in the John Woods, Imperial College 1961 Expedition at Marsaxlokk and Xlendi.

Dr Tony Azzopardi: Olof Frederick Gollcher and his association with Freemasonry

The aim of this presentation is to provide the audience with a snapshot of the research being carried out.A brief account of how the project started will be followed by a cursory look at the principles of  Freemasonry and its establishment in Malta with  particular reference to the period 1889-1962. The highlight of the presentation should be the attempt made to build a portrait of Olof’s everyday life experiences – including his association with Freemasonry – through an insight into his diaries and other ‘papers’ of interest, and through the identification of the Freemasonry  regalia showcased  at the  Palazzo.

Ellen and Jan Beuenderman:  “Tell Me What You Read…” 

Ensconced in his medieval palazzo, Captain Gollcher was in many ways really a Renaissance man. His 4,000+ book collection reveals a man with diverse passionate interests, ranging from history, religion, architecture and design, travel, and, of course, Melitensia. The collection includes books printed as early as 1534 and some that are quite rare. The Melitensia features many of the much sought after early works. However, from all accounts he not only collected books but also read, in multiple languages, and annotated them. His reading is reflected in the environment he created around himself in the Palazzo.

With an introduction by Francesca Balzan, Curator, Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

The talks will be followed by a screening of the documentary on the life of Olof Frederick Gollcher.







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