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Constructive and varied resources and tools for utilising and accessing both audio and visual knowledge, to encourage and develop abilities and skills.


Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum and the Malta Study Center signed an agreement to digitise over 100 manuscripts and rare Melitensia housed in the Palazzo Falson Museum and Library. The Malta Study Center also digitised the Olof Frederick Gollcher Archives. Over 60 boxes of archival records were digitised. The project began and ended in 2015.

Published three times a year, at Easter, in the Summer and at Christmas, the lustrous periodical Treasures of Malta has evolved - since first launched by FPM in 1994 -  into an unrivalled archive, extolling Malta's rich and varied art and culture heritage. Professional historians and academics, as well as enthusiasts and collectors with a multitude of interests, and from all professions, contribute to this peerless chronicle and ever-expanding source of information and knowledge.

As well as specialist publications dedicated to the Palazzo and the Gollcher Collection, FPM has published numerous volumes illuminating the many facets of Malta's experiences and culture from an often-turbulent past.


Hidden Details is a series of short features produced by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti in collaboration with Palazzo Falson. In this series, curator, museum hosts and research volunteers of the historic house museum are invited to select a curious object of their choice from the varied collections of the museum, and give their insight on things that may not always be what they seem. These features will appear weekly via our YouTube channel and social media platforms, with the aim of keeping in touch with you, at least virtually.

The Palazzo Falson series of recorded lectures is part of the Museum's mission to inform and educate. It is randomly on-going and, to date, provides perspectives on such widely differing subjects as undersea archaeology, foreign appreciation of Maltese art, architecture, and horology (this by one of several international experts invited to evaluate special sectors of the Collection from time to time).


The Campus FM recorded lectures are audio recordings of some of the lectures organised at Palazzo Falson, and are available for download.